Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo

I am a mathematician, having completed my PhD in 2012 at Stanford University. Currently, I am the director of Euler Circle, a mathematics institute for advanced high-school students in Palo Alto, California. My research interests are broad, including number theory, combinatorics, probability, and game theory. I love learning new things and working on new research projects. If you would like to do some mathematics with me, I can be easily tempted!

PhD Thesis

Controlling Ramification in Number Fields
Advisor: Akshay Venkatesh



Cryptography. In Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series 2018.

Papers and preprints

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Expository writings

Here are a bunch of expository notes I have written over the years.

Educational programs

Here are some of the educational programs I have been involved with recently:

Other stuff

As you probably guessed from the picture, I'm also a cellist. Other hobbies of mine include chess and calligraphy.